Hello Clones! Joe here

Happy New Year Everyone! I trust you all had a good vacation.
I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support and encouragement in keeping Them Clones music alive.

Post a short break from the circuit, Dev, Prithwish and I decided to spend time looking to broaden our horizons and to continue the 13 years journey that it’s been for us in the band. We wanted to represent a creative rebirth, and certainly a new season which would ring true to our friends and followers.

Our newest member Akshay Raheja has been doing excellent job with us in the jam rooms…studios and live performances.

We had a great year releasing two new singles and writing whole lot of new content, which will be soon made available for listen.

For personal reasons we didn’t do much gigs last year. We kept our priorities stiff as we could to bring everything in line with the overall objective of the band first. Which was to have as many new materials ready for recording and for future shows.

Days and nights of jamming in studios with a conscious effort not to really meander on sessions and take out things that really weren’t contributing to the song.

And just when we felt we got ourselves in a good spot with everything we have…we were ready to bid adieu to the closing year and looked forward to the coming vacation.

I for one being home away from another home which is Mizoram, looked forward to leave on 23rd Dec to spend Christmas with my family and friends. But that plan had to wait for another time and perhaps another year!

Dev gave me a call to tell me about a provision of a gig in December post Christmas. A year end edition of CloneFest?

Dev’s got this talent to give plan spoiler phone calls which always works for him. He gets me with guilt. Which is why at times I refuse to take his calls. Similarly with this one. On having to decide to return his 7-8 missed calls, there I was; heard the man and I couldn’t say no to having my own band’s festival organized. Again.

You know, as a mature adult there are those rare important moments when you are asked to show up for the sake of someone from another planet who nonetheless are good people and have made more than a few sacrifices on your behalf. Parents.

So in a very long while, uncharacteristically I was loss at words when I made that guilty phone call to my Mom and Dad.
My folks have been very kind and understanding to me for years despite…anyway.

Mom called back to tell me “how you want to spend Christmas is your personal choice and if this is important to you, go ahead”. Another breeze of guilt there.

So on.. we had the privilege of organizing the Clonefest in its new avtaar that too end December… a special edition with two nights of good music from some of the newer acts in the circuit.

I have a deep respect and admiration for all the bands that performed on both the nights. It’s phenomenally a blessed feeling to be able to do this again.

Big thanks to the folks from Jameson, the bands, media, and most of all to our parents, friends and followers…

Thank you for having us back everytime!
Here’s to a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014 to all you Clones!


p.s do check out our FB/Twitter pages for pics of Clonefest Special Edition – EOY

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Hello from Clarenzio!

Been a while since I’ve writtien anything . Never attempted a Blog. Partly cause my minds always in a Blog :p :p .

So its 2012 .. Is d world gonna end now finally ??? :)

We’ll I know one thing for sure , it’s time to hit d pad soon . Sooner dan soon and start belting out new tunes . And come dis summer I hope we get to share dem wid our fans , and listeners .

I have been in touch some people since 2011 and I wud definitely call them fans and supporters – cause dey really come for every gig, dey make an effort to stay in touch figure out wats happenin in d band . And it’s a really warm nd humbling experience to play infront of dem . And just to be in contact wid dem . Never gave much consideration to d audience after gig before.
So yeah people, sounds like a politician pr line _ BUT — support nd love ur fans cause they sure as hell do dat for U :)

Well enough for now. Will update more mind spill soon . Sooner ;)

Miss playing Wid my Band !

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The first time

Just logged in here to share with everyone that I heard the first mix of one of our upcoming singles “Jealousy”, just a few hours ago. To be honest with you, I’d temporarily lost touch with the feeling of hearing a “first” mix to one’s own track, and the kick that it brings with it. Simply loving the moment here! Indulgently hearing it on loop a few times.

As some of you may know, we’ve been working with Miti Adhikari on 2 of our new songs, viz. “Jealousy” and “All about a heartbreak”. Some final overdubs where done at Headroom Studios, Delhi (I still prefer to call it Gucci’s studio :P ) and sent to Miti only a couple of days ago. Knowing the largely “pain in the ass” and hostile way that we usually work on things like “first mixes” etc, this was a pleasant surprise. And what more, it happened in the dead of the night at 1:30am in chilly delhi.

Well, some nooks still need to be oiled (which they will be) and I’m now impatiently waiting to hear “All about a heartbreak”.

That’s all! Just thought I’d share.

p.s. other tracks are underway as we speak.

p.p.s. we’ll see you guys very very soon \m/


Telegraph covering us in Kolkata during recording

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The New Year note

My my. What a year its been.. Godspeed. Quite literally..

Things have been moving fast(er) than usual at the Clones Camp.

Last month we were again back in the studio, to record two of our brand new singles, which will be out soon. Recorded by BBC London’s, brilliant Miti Adhikari, who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and The Foo Fighters  to name a few. (I innocently asked him if he’d ever heard of RATM.. and he looked at me as if through a glass eye and said, I recorded them back in ’92. Motherfucker’!

So, needless to say, it’s a thrill to have him on ‘board’. The session was a hectic one day marathon for me..i had to nail all the freaking guitar parts for two tracks. but it’s a raw and pleasurable experience, getting those ballistic tones straight off the bat through my trusted Washburn, going into my Damage Control Womanizer, going into a Roland Blues Cube, picked up by a Neumann TLM 103 and a Shure SM 57 couple!

They’re sounding fucking Drooool! ‘Nuff said! Waiting for the final face melt!

That wrapped up by almost 3 in the morning and we headed straight for our crash pad, The Park Calcutta. Its always great to come back to this hotel, they’ve got great staff..even though I wish there was a water spray in their loos! It just doesn’t feel clean enough with just the toilet paper. (sticky)

Caught up with my body clock through hours of laziness in the luxurious beds and headed straight for the gig that evening at SPE, which was well.. LOUD as many people said. We played minus joseph, so I wonder how that might’ve turned out. But I think im growing old..the old rock n roll saying of ‘if its too loud, you’re too old..’ might be coming true for me, but being a sound engineer , it works best for me if shit isn’t too loud..!

Straight back to Delhi, more new tunes in the jam room..!

Circa 2011, 5 days into the new years, to catch up with the goings on , but here’s an update for you guys.

Also, at camp Clones website, there’s a new feature where we select the best videos caught of our live gigs by fans.. and the best ones are going to be shared on our main page.. so bribe the guards/ friends/ teachers/principals and try to get close and shoot videos..and they will be hosted on the main page at www.themclones.com!! Tadaaa :D   you guys could catch the latest winners there.

So keep it rolling guys.. here’s wishing you a great year ahead in 2011..and hope to catch you guys at the next gig!



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