The first time

Just logged in here to share with everyone that I heard the first mix of one of our upcoming singles “Jealousy”, just a few hours ago. To be honest with you, I’d temporarily lost touch with the feeling of hearing a “first” mix to one’s own track, and the kick that it brings with it. Simply loving the moment here! Indulgently hearing it on loop a few times.

As some of you may know, we’ve been working with Miti Adhikari on 2 of our new songs, viz. “Jealousy” and “All about a heartbreak”. Some final overdubs where done at Headroom Studios, Delhi (I still prefer to call it Gucci’s studio :P ) and sent to Miti only a couple of days ago. Knowing the largely “pain in the ass” and hostile way that we usually work on things like “first mixes” etc, this was a pleasant surprise. And what more, it happened in the dead of the night at 1:30am in chilly delhi.

Well, some nooks still need to be oiled (which they will be) and I’m now impatiently waiting to hear “All about a heartbreak”.

That’s all! Just thought I’d share.

p.s. other tracks are underway as we speak.

p.p.s. we’ll see you guys very very soon \m/


Telegraph covering us in Kolkata during recording

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