Hello from Clarenzio!

Been a while since I’ve writtien anything . Never attempted a Blog. Partly cause my minds always in a Blog :p :p .

So its 2012 .. Is d world gonna end now finally ??? :)

We’ll I know one thing for sure , it’s time to hit d pad soon . Sooner dan soon and start belting out new tunes . And come dis summer I hope we get to share dem wid our fans , and listeners .

I have been in touch some people since 2011 and I wud definitely call them fans and supporters – cause dey really come for every gig, dey make an effort to stay in touch figure out wats happenin in d band . And it’s a really warm nd humbling experience to play infront of dem . And just to be in contact wid dem . Never gave much consideration to d audience after gig before.
So yeah people, sounds like a politician pr line _ BUT — support nd love ur fans cause they sure as hell do dat for U :)

Well enough for now. Will update more mind spill soon . Sooner ;)

Miss playing Wid my Band !

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